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The Titan™ has been proposed as an alternative to Thermage® as a skin tightening device. However as of January 2006, no FDA approval has been given for such use. Its only approval is for skin heating and comparative studies between Thermage® and Titan™'s effects on guinea pig skin show a very significantly greater effect on the dermis by Thermage® (Thermacool) as compared to Titan™.

A study by dermatologist, Christine Lee, M.D. (Walnut Creek, CA) reported in Oct. 2005 at the ASDS meeting in Atlanta showed that it took 3 Titan™ treatments to produce the results of one Thermage® treatment (a split face study). Dr. Lee is apparently a consultant to Cutera, the manufacturer of Titan™.

We offer Titan to those patients who specifically desire it in spite of the above information.

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