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Laser Resurfacing


Los Angeles Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Hair Removal

We all feel more confident and attractive when our skin is healthy and smooth.

Dr. Hamilton, a cosmetic dermatologist and dermasurgeon based in the Beverly Hills & Woodland Hills areas of Los Angeles, offers skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, acne treatments, and laser resurfacing, all of which are designed to revitalize the skin and make you look as young and beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Below is a list of some of our treatment options.

Los Angeles Laser Hair Removal

Tired of the hassles of shaving and waxing? Dreaming of having silky smooth, stubble-free legs with virtually no effort?

If so, consider laser hair removal, offered in our Woodland Hills office in Los Angeles. A safe, convenient method of permanent hair removal, this technique requires just three to six treatments to achieve results and is suitable for a wide range of patients. Below are a few of our patients’ frequently asked questions; read on to learn more about the laser hair removal procedure.


How does the laser remove hair?

The laser selectively targets the pigment inside the hair follicle. Each pulse of the laser disables large numbers of hair follicles.


How many laser hair removal treatments are needed? And when?

Normally 3-6. The interval between laser hair removals is 6 to 8 weeks or when you begin to see new hair growth.


Is laser hair removal permanent?

Yes and no! Hairs are disabled in a treatment and are put into a long “sleep.” A certain percentage of these “sleeping” hair follicles are really dead and hairs will never regrow from them. With each treatment additional hair follicles are killed until all hair is permanently absent in most cases.


What happens right after the treatment? Do the hairs fall out right away?

In many patients the skin is slightly pink for 1-2 days; in others (generally, fairer patients) there is no pinkness after laser hair removal. Hairs begin to fall out in 5-14 days and may continue to do so for weeks. Hairs may be more rapidly removed by rubbing, scrubbing, or plucking (with no discomfort after 5 days) if one desires to speed up this part of the process. It is not necessary to do so. Not all hairs may fall out; only those in anagen (growth) phases of the cycle (this is the part of the cycle that is susceptible to the laser) will fall out. One cannot tell by looking which hairs are in the growth phase.


Is laser hair removal painful?

You will feel minimal discomfort. A topical anesthetic is applied ahead of time and our patented Cryogen cooling spray provides additional anesthesia with each discharge of the laser.


How does laser hair removal compare to electrolysis?

Electrolysis does not delay the return of any hair that it doesn’t kill while LASER HAIR does both. Additionally, with LASER HAIR, unlike with electrolysis, we can treat large areas of the body with total comfort.

What is the cost of laser hair removal?

The cost depends on the location of the body treated. Many areas can be treated for under $100 per treatment.


How do I prepare for laser hair removal treatment?

Avoid tanning for approximately 10 days prior to any laser hair removal treatment. Under certain circumstances involving skin pigment or tanning, we will suggest that you apply a gel to the areas for a week prior to treatment. Do not bleach, pluck, or wax hair for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment. You may shave the area.


What kind of follow-up care is needed?

The after care is minimal. Avoid sun exposure for a few days after treatment. Avoid harsh soaps or lotions on any treated areas for 3-4 days. A loofa may be used on treated area to help remove treated hairs faster. Not all the hairs may fall out. Plucking or waxing can be done after one week if you wish to speed up the process of hair removal.

Please contact our office in Los Angeles to learn more about laser hair removal.


N-Lite wrinkle laser

The following is excerpted from Dr. Hamilton's January 2001 appearance on the national television show Extra:

It’s like a magic wand taking years off years! It’s called the N-Lite laser, and it promises incredible results. It’s the first and only pain-free way to improve and erase wrinkles.

Here’s how it works: the laser stimulates your body’s natural collagen by healing the dermis, the thick inner layer if skin. Your entire face can be treated in 30 minutes. Within three months, your skin will be smooth and radiant!

“There’s normally no evidence that the patient has even undergone treatment- results are very discreet and natural-looking,” says Dr. Douglas Hamilton, a UCLA professor and Beverly Hills dermatologist. “This procedure is really the Holy Grail we’ve been looking for.”

Dr. Hamilton is one of the first doctors in the United States trained to use the N-Lite laser and believes it will revolutionize the cosmetic surgery industry.

You may contact Dr. Hamilton today to learn more about the N-Lite Wrinkle Laser.


Los Angeles PhotofacialSM Skin Rejuvenation

Increasingly in demand in Los Angeles, skin rejuvenation (we use a process called photorejuvenation) is the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL™), a breakthrough technology, to treat and correct a variety of skin conditions such as irregularity of color (brown and red spots), poor skin texture, small veins, and signs of aging due to sun. It offers a safe, non-invasive solution that can be tailored to your individual condition and skin type, providing superior cosmetic results and outstanding satisfaction. Below is a list of our patients’ frequently asked questions about this procedure. Read on to learn more about skin rejuvenation.

How is the skin rejuvenation procedure performed?

A cold gel is usually applied to the area to be treated, and you may be given dark glasses to protect your eyes from the bright light. The smooth glass surface of the IPL™ handpiece is gently applied to your skin and pulses of light are applied. You may feel a slight sting, like the snapping of a small rubber band. An anesthetic cream may be used, but is seldom required. Treatment is generally administered in a series of procedures that provides excellent long-term results, minimal adverse effects and high satisfaction. Each treatment takes about twenty minutes.


Why are multiple treatments necessary?

A series of five or six treatment sessions may be recommended. You can return to work the same day and resume all your regular activities. By dividing the full program into several treatments, the procedure provides gradual improvement with very low risk and “no downtime.”


How do other treatments compare to skin rejuvenation?

No other technology provides the long-term improvement of complexion and texture of the IPL™ Photorejuvenation program – all without the slightest interruption in your busy lifestyle.


What conditions can skin rejuvenation treat?

Imperfections from Sun Damage and Photo-aging: color irregularities (red & brown)

Enlarged pores, dull complexions and other facial imperfections or abnormalities can be treated with IPL™. After a series of treatments, you will see a significant reduction of unwanted pigmentation and the appearance of smoother, revitalized skin. The same treatment can be used effectively on the neck, the chest, and the hands.

Broken Veins and Capillaries

IPL™ therapy can eliminate damaged veins and capillaries by removing virtually all traces of these unsightly blemishes.

Symptoms of Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin ailment that leaves people red-faced from dilated blood vessels and chronic flushing. IPL™ can successfully treat dilated blood vessels and redness without injuring the surrounding healthy skin, while greatly reducing the episodes of flushing with long-term effectiveness.

If you are in Los Angeles and are considering skin rejuvenation, you may contact Dr. Hamilton today.


Laser Resurfacing

Cosmetic skin resurfacing is an answer to wrinkled, blemished, or sun damaged skin. Acne scarring, too, can be smoothed out and improved, as can lines, folds, and wrinkles around the mouth (smoker’s lines), eyes (crow’s feet, eyelid wrinkles), and forehead. The procedure works by using the powerful, focused light of a laser to remove the top layer of skin at precisely the right depth. The laser vaporizes the high ridges of wrinkles, thereby smoothing out the surface of the skin.

True wrinkles -fine lines- can only be removed by laser resurfacing. Facelifts or fillers are of no value for surface changes (wrinkles): the answer is the CO2 laser, which is widely recognized as the gold standard for wrinkle removal. Dr. Hamilton has performed more than 1000 full or partial face (eyes/mouth) CO2 procedures.

The CO2 laser is used for deeper lines (often for patients over age 45) and scars, while the erbium laser is generally reserved for fine wrinkles and skin glow restoration.

To learn more about laser skin resurfacing, please contact Dr. Hamilton today.


Fraxel® Laser Treatment

Fraxel® Laser Treatment is one of the major advances in non-invasive cosmetic technology in the past 10 years. It was developed by Rox Anderson, M.D. at Harvard. Dr. Anderson is the most famous laser researcher/physicist in the world, upon whose theories all laser technology is based. It became available in 2005 and we have been performing this laser skin rejuvenation treatment at our Beverly Hills, Los Angeles office since early 2006.

Fraxel® Laser Treatment is a revolutionary and effective treatment for the following: wrinkles, uneven color and tone, texture irregularities from sun damage and aging, crepiness, and loose skin.

The Fraxel laser is also proving to be the most effective technology yet developed for the treatment of stretch marks. No downtime is involved and gradual improvement is noted in texture and color. Collagen is both increased and remodeled due to the treatment.

And it is now the consensus of laser experts who have virtually every technology at their disposal that the Fraxel laser is the treatment of choice for facial acne scars. This is primarily due to its ability through nano beam technology (like camera pixels) to safely penetrate deeper than the older ablative CO2 and Erbium lasers and, therefore, affect the bottom of deep scars.

Fraxel® Laser Treatment is designed to target aging and damaged skin by creating microscopic "wounds" within the targeted areas well beneath the skin's outermost layer. In this way, Fraxel® Laser Treatment triggers the body's own natural production of new collagen and skin cells. And because Fraxel® Laser Treatment combines the impact of ablative lasers with the gentleness of non-ablative lasers, healing occurs so quickly that there is very little downtime for patients.

Even though the laser beams penetrate deeper than the older CO2 lasers, this is the only laser able to safely treat the above conditions on both the face and any other areas of the body (e.g. neck, chest, hands, arms and legs). Additionally, there is no burning of skin, so there is no healing or down time. Patients return to work immediately with merely a healthy glow similar to an hour in the sun. The procedure, using our Zimmer cooler device and strong topical anesthetic cream, is virtually painless.


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