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Acne Scar Treatment

Douglas Hamilton

Cosmetic and General Dermatology located in Woodland Hills, CA & Beverly Hills, CA

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions worldwide. In fact, over 50 million Americans struggle with resilient acne every year. Douglas Hamilton, MD helps men and women living in Woodland Hills, California, get rid of residual signs of past acne breakouts through cutting-edge treatment options. To get exclusive care from one of the leading pioneers of acne scar treatments, call or go online to book an appointment.

Acne Scar Treatment Q & A

What are acne scars?

Acne scars refer to the traces an acne breakout leaves behind. People struggling with acne can often feel as though the condition is unpredictable, endless, and invincible.

Dr. Hamilton offers top-of-the-line acne scar treatment to make sure any traces of past acne breakouts disappear and that your skin gets back to its youthful glow.

What are the different types of acne scars?

Acne scars can be divided into three groups:

Atrophic or depressed scars

Atrophic scars typically occur in the facial area. In most cases, an atrophic scar forms right below the skin where the acne breakout took place and develops as a result of collagen insufficiency. These scars can be broken down into three types:

  • Boxcar: U-shaped, shallow, or deep scars with sharp edges
  • Ice pick: narrow, V-shaped scars that go deep into the skin
  • Rolling: wide, rounded-edged scars with an irregular appearance

Hypertrophic or raised scars

Hypertrophic scars generally develop after a chest or back acne breakout and sit above the surface of the skin. Hypertrophic scars are often caused by an excess of collagen production immediately following the acne breakout.

Dark spots

Otherwise called discolorations, dark spots occur when the zit disappears but leaves a dark mark. In most cases, these spots should clear within a few months. However, Dr. Hamilton might recommend acne scar treatment if they remain.

What are common acne scar treatments?*

Dr. Hamilton uses his expert knowledge in the field to offer cutting-edge acne scar treatments to all his patients. Some of these include:

Chemical peels  

Chemical peels reduce shallow acne scars and eliminate discolorations. Dr. Hamilton applies a chemical to your skin that removes the outer layer of skin on the facial area.


Dr. Hamilton uses a high-speed brush to smooth the surface of your skin. With each brushstroke, protruding scars get leveled, and deep scars get shallower.


Microdermabrasion is a less intense treatment that removes more superficial scars. Dr. Hamilton sprays small crystals on the affected area to remove the outer layer of skin.

Laser treatment

Using a laser, Dr. Hamilton removes the outer layer of skin and both contours areas of acne scars and eliminates redness around lesions.


Collagen or hyaluronic acid is highly effective in restoring your face’s scarless glow. Dr. Hamilton injects the filler into the affected area, and your skin absorbs the substances to fill out your acne scars.

Dr. Hamilton can suggest other treatment options if the above don’t match your specific needs.

Get in touch today by phone or online to book an appointment.

*Individual results may vary

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