The DEEP product line is based on the Science of Celleration, a coin termed by Dr. Hamilton to describe the skin aging process. The Science of Celleration captures the “ac” and “de” of the two step aging process. 

First, there is the proliferation of free radicals, produced mainly by sun exposure, which damages and ages skin cells. 

Second, the proliferation of free radicals slows down collagen production. Since collagen is a major component of the skin, when it is under produced, wrinkles appear. 

Thus, the acceleration of free radicals causes the deceleration of collagen production which causes wrinkles. So there, you have aging!

Doctor Hamilton’s products – based on the Science of Celleration – fight the aging process by penetrating the skin to accelerate collage production and decelerate free radical growth.

Dr. Hamilton's product line consists of:

DEEP Absorption Enhancer
DEEP Cell Activate
DEEP Live Nude Sun Shield Oil-Free SPF 30
DEEP Pore Cleanser Pure Face Wash
DEEP Dream Skin Rich Body Lotion
DEEP Voyeur Eye Treatment
DEEP Drink Up Green Tea Serum
DEEP My Favorite Moisturizer
DEEP HQRA+ Skin Lightening Cream

We also carry select products from the following brands:

Elta MD
For Pits Sake! Natural deodorant
Solar Sun Protection



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