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Body Contouring


In our Beverly Hills and Woodland Hills offices we are at the forefront of re-contouring bodies. This re-contouring addresses desired changes in body shape of the abdomen, back, buttocks, & thighs. With regard to the abdomen, including the love handle areas, non-obese individuals with bulges of fat frequently are dissatisfied with their body shape & want these areas improved. 
In some individuals fat is not the problem: rather skin tightening is needed after weight loss, pregnancy, or skin aging. The back in females can also yield unsightly bulges in the so called bra pad areas. Re-contouring of the buttocks normally is desired by augmenting a flatter posterior into more of a curvaceous "C", while many patients want either their thighs reduced in girth, skin tightened, or cellulite treated. 

It is clear from the above that a very precise evaluation of the source of the problem is necessary in the consultation to chose the appropriate therapy; otherwise, satisfactory results will not be possible.

For the above problems the solutions we provide are as follows: 

Fat bulges of the abdomen & love handles can be treated with Zeltiq CoolSculpting. This newly developed technology ( approved by the FDA in September, 2010 ) is non-invasive with no down time, yields an average fat reduction of 22%, & produces its results over a 4 month period. 1-2 treatments is typical. It is permanent unless one gains weight. It works by freezing the fat cells, causing them to break & the fat to dissolve away. Some soreness may occur after the procedure, lasting a few days in most cases. 
- With the present emphasis on 6 packs in men it should be no surprise that Zeltiq CoolSculpting in our Beverly Hills office is one of the most popular cosmetic enhancement procedures for men. For very severe cases we use Liposuction, while for very mild cases we use Mesotherapy or Lipodissolve, which is a series of microinjections of phosphatidylcholine, a natural substance. Use of Lipodissolve was first reported in Brazil in the late 1990's. It is our treatment of choice for the back ( bra pad areas ). See a before and after photo ( after the 3rd treatment ) on one of our patients. Some mild stinging may occur for a few hours after the procedure.

For tightening of the abdominal skin Body Thermage is very effective, producing its results over a 6 month period. We have been treating patients on the abdomen with this no down time device since 2005 with excellent results.

Buttock augmentation is a very popular procedure in our Beverly Hills and Woodland Hills offices. We provide a safe effective beautiful permanent augmentation of the buttock profile by the use of a series of microinjections with FDA approved fillers, given every 2 months for typically 3 sessions.
This procedure attracts patients from all over the US since Dr. Hamilton developed this Butt Augmentation & P-Fab procedure in 2008. It is essentially a painless procedure.

To reduce thigh girth and to treat cellulite we utilize an ultra sound device, Med Sculpt, which is FDA approved for cellulite / fat reduction. The process is slow but effective, requiring up to 18 treatments on a weekly basis in many cases. Slight bruising rarely occurs. In severe cases of cellulite, Dr. Hamilton performs Cellucision, a quasi-surgical procedure, developed by Dr. Doris Hexel in Porto Alegre, Brazil; it is judged to be permanent, though compression garments must be worn after for one month & bruising does occur.

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