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Butt Augmentation & P-Fab


Since around 2005 there has been a surge of interest in beautifying the buttocks. Many countries , e.g., Brazil & Colombia , have always glorified the butt more than the breasts. Some analysts have equated this with a more sensual culture, with a few even suggesting that this parallels ethnic differences in hormones linking sensuality & body type. Unfortunately, until recently the only safe way to have a beautiful posterior contour was to inherit it.

Silicone implants and injections have been associated with well publicized tragedies, some of which occurred in celebrities, both foreign & domestic. Fat transplants don't last. Our interest in body contouring- The New Frontier in cosmetic medicine - has led us to develop a fully safe procedure yielding a natural look (unlike many of the implant patients) with long term/permanent duration. The precise desired contour is discussed in the initial consultation since the sense of what is a good butt shape varies somewhat between individuals. For this reason Dr. Hamilton has developed an aesthetic buttock index which is in publication in a medical journal. The Hamilton ABI allows the patient to avoid unpleasant surprises that might occur in another medical setting. As few as 2 sessions spaced 2 months apart may suffice to achieve the desired result though more typically at least 3 is required.

The procedure is essentially painless, takes less than 15 minutes, is non-surgical, & does not involve silicone in any way. The injectables used are all FDA approved for facial use. There is no bandaging, bruising, or downtime. The augmentation occurs gradually by thickening skin & probably some fat in the area. It does not reverse itself unless one loses weight. This procedure
has received excellent patient acceptance: no if, ands, & well...


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