Jawlines, chins and cheekbones

Often cosmetically concerned patients focus on sagging skin, expression lines, wrinkles and spots. In other words, the "skin is the thing." Yet, the frame of the face is frankly even more important. It is the big picture, not small details, which fits with the reality that the assessment of facial beauty is made in milliseconds: at the very point of observation.

What is the frame? It is the boney structures: cheekbones, jaw lines, and chin which the skin drapes; it is also the fat of the cheeks and elsewhere. This framework is both genetically and age determined. In the vast majority of people it is not ideal at 20; most 20 year olds are young but average by definition.

How can these issues be improved upon? The answer is the use of fillers, particularly Radiesse, Sculptra and Artefill. The following photos show before and afters on some of our own patients. Also included is the lovely Jennifer Garner, whose face we would treat if she were a patient (which she is not). We have included for reference Michelle Pfeiffer as an example of a face with ideal contouring which needs no further help at present.

Dr Douglas Hamilton jawline chin cheek contouring
Smile lines and cheeks treated by Dr. Hamilton

Dr Douglas Hamilton jawline chin cheek contouring
Jawline treated by Dr. Hamilton

Jennifer Garner, Michelle Pfeiffer, jawline chin cheek contouring