Skin Rejuvenation and Lip Enhancement in the Beverly Hills & Woodland Hills areas of Los Angeles

Dr. Douglas Hamilton is a nationally recognized cosmetic dermatologist with offices near Los Angeles in Beverly Hills & Woodland Hills. Dr. Hamilton specializes in a full range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures designed to rejuvenate and enhance your appearance.

A graduate of the Albany Medical College in Albany, New York, Dr. Hamilton completed an internship at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles and residencies at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He is certified by the American Board of Dermatology and the American Board of Pathology (Dermatopathology).

In 2003, Dr. Hamilton was named to two prestigious committees of the American Society for Dermatological Surgery (ASDS): the Special Task Force on Branding and the New Technologies Committee. He was chairperson of the New Technologies Committee for 2009-2010. The ASDS is comprised of dermasurgeons who are international luminaries in the area of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, including lasers and filler substances. Such fillers are commonly used in lip augmentation and skin rejuvenation in Dr. Hamilton's Beverly Hills and Los Angeles-area Woodland Hills offices.

Dr. Hamilton has earned recognition in the media. He has been invited to appear on international, national, and local television talk shows, including CNN, Sonya Freidman, El Mundo Latino, Extra, NBC News, Good Morning America, ABC News, Day One, Good Life, Strictly Female, and numerous radio programs and stations, including KIIS and KIEV. Additionally, he has been quoted extensively in newspapers and national magazines about his areas of expertise, including skin rejuvenation and lip enhancement.

Dr. Hamilton was featured in ELLE Beauty "Shock Therapy: Can electricity zap away the years? Read the article here - ELLE Beauty: Electric Facial.

Dr. Hamilton has authored several medical journal articles, is a contributing guest author to three medical textbooks, has lectured worldwide, and is an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA. Click here for up-to-date information on Dr. Hamilton's work in the Medical Community.

Whether you are seeking wrinkle removal, laser hair removal, Radiesse™, Artefill (also called ), Thermage®, or Restylane® treatment, skin rejuvenation, or lip enhancement in the Los Angeles area, either in Woodland Hills or Beverly Hills, Dr. Hamilton's offices provide these services with the utmost care for your well-being.


How to KNOW Your Doctor KNOWS (Is he up to date?):

It's hard for many cosmetic specialists to keep current with technology and techniques. For Dr. Hamilton it's a NECESSITY: he is a member of a 15-doctor New Technologies Committee of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) which is responsible for reviewing and reporting (virtually monthly) on EVERY technology (lasers, fillers, radiofrequency, infrared, plasma, etc.) available in the U.S. Please ask us further about this if you have questions.


An Algorithm for Choosing a Physician for
your Cosmetic Procedures:

1. Confirm board certification in only one of the following:

  • American Board of Dermatology
  • American Board of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery

2. Determine board certified speciality associations for the above fields (e.g. for dermasurgery it would be the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery).

3. Determine committee members of No. 2: these specialty committees (e.g., New Technologies, Liposuction, etc.) are the experts in these procedures as recognized by their knowledgeable peers.


Please contact us today to learn more about lip augmentation or skin rejuvenation options available in our Beverly Hills & Woodland Hills offices in the Los Angeles area.


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