Restylane® Injections - What to Expect Before, During, and After Treatment

Restylane® is a relatively new non-surgical cosmetic procedure that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and create a more youthful looking appearance to the face. Getting Restylane® injections is simple, and there is very little involved with the process.

Before Getting Restylane® Injections

Before getting your Restylane® injection, you will need to schedule a basic consultation with a cosmetic surgeon that offers this method of treatment. The surgeon will discuss the procedure with you, so that you are fully aware of what it entails.

You will provide the doctor with your complete medical history during this consultation, along with information on any allergies you may have, so that he or she can determine if you make a good candidate for the Restylane® procedure.

During the Restylane® Injection Procedure

Receiving your Restylane® injections is simple, and takes only a few minutes to perform. There is no need for anesthesia to receive the injections, though in some cases the doctor may apply a topical numbing agent or use cold compresses to numb the skin where the injections will be given.

You will be placed into a chair similar to that found in a dentist’s office, so that you are reclining to receive the injection. The doctor will inject the medication into the skin using a very thin needle, placing the solution into those muscles which have caused the skin to wrinkle and sag. Results from the Restylane® injections can be seen almost immediately, and the entire injection process takes only about thirty minutes to complete.

After Receiving Restylane® Injections

As this particular form of cosmetic treatment is non-invasive and the process causes virtually no pain, most people are able to return to their normal activities immediately following treatment. You may want to use cold compresses immediately following the treatment to help reduce the minor swelling that generally occurs, but any of the discomfort you experience from treatment should fade within a few hours.

The solution used in the Restylane® injections will eventually be absorbed into your body so results from treatment are not permanent, however most people find that their results last for 10 to 12 months before another injection is necessary.

For more information about Restylane® as well as other cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal and Thermage®, it is important to schedule an appointment at our skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal center in Los Angeles.